Bees In The City

Here’s an article I wrote for the lovely blog about learning about beekeeping! Thrilled to have found a spot to keep bees with two friends now, starting next year 🙂

I am delighted to have Pip on the blog today who’s new to beekeeping and fell in love with the bees when she won a course to learn all about them. Pip is learning about keeping Bees in the city and is a fellow green living blogger across at A Refuge For Daffodils. Take it away Pip…

Hi all, my name is Pip and I’m an aspiring beekeeper. All I’m missing is my own beehives and the space to put them!

I first became interested in beekeeping through a course at work. A competition was held to find the lucky few who would be allowed up to the beehives kept on top of the seventh story on one of our buildings to learn more about bees and beekeeping. It was a little bit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the golden tickets, except that our prize was to find…

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